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Welcome to Class 5!


School Closure Due To COVID-19


Dear Parents,

                     the coming weeks and possible months will see a very different approach to your child's learning. Some of you may think that you should replicate school at home following a 'school type' timetable. I would suggest that your child does 2.5/3 hours per day of 'school work', maybe following a loose timetable but be flexible. 


Your child may find being at home an anxious and frustrating time so their mental well-being is of the upmost importance. Should you choose to spend one day doing something in the garden or having a mad art day then so be it! 


I will be setting work through Purple Mash and other websites so there will be some deadlines set. You have also had home learning packs sent home for you to work through. There will also be links on this class page for you to follow. If children have any questions related to the work set, they can contact me through Purple Mash via 2Email.


These are unprecedented times, remember to enjoy this time with your child, keep healthy and stay safe but most of all be happy and have fun together. 


Mr Hodgson.



Oak National Academy Online Classroom 


During the next few weeks, we will be focusing on using Oak National Academy, which provides daily lessons, resources and tasks in Mathematics, English and Foundation subjects. 


Each week I will add a link to the Schedule. Just follow this link, select YEAR 5 and work through the subjects (Mathematics, English, Foundation). As always, if there are problems, please use 2email on Purple Mash to contact me. 


Here is a quick guide with pictures of what to expect once you follow these steps:


Here is a link with some additional information on how to get started:

Week 2


(previous week's learning is now available through the same link posted for week 3 onward).

BBC Bitesize

As school closure has extended, many different companies are releasing great home learning resources. BBC Bitesize is one of those which provides daily lessons from some exciting guests and experts. 


You may already be using the Oak Academy lessons daily which is great- keep it up! I am just posting these resources here as another avenue to explore at home. It may cover a concept in a different way or just provide something different to keep things interesting!


As always, let me know how you get on and if you need further support or advice.

Other useful links


With support for parents coming in from a range of organisations, there are some great ideas, printables and clips on Twinkl.

We have sent out a text including information about how to access free resources at home.

However, to support you with some of the tasks that children may be working through, below I will keep posting links to useful websites to support you at home. 


Twinkl support clips:


Twinkl Home Learning Hub


A useful website with some free games to practice spelling rules. Can be used to supplement home learning packs that went home:


Maths Frame has some fun free games for KS2. Be aware not all games are free unfortunately:


A fantastic 'go to' tool for maths strategies which we employ in school. There are worked examples and clips on here for parent support. Scroll down to the topic you require. Bear in mind some categories go beyond KS2 so  do not worry about these:


A plethora of ideas and resources across a range of subjects. Lots to pick and choose from!