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 Numbers + Counting  *NEW* Scroll down to watch counting videos!

     Teddy Numbers            Gingerbread Man Counting        Underwater Counting  


      Can you give teddy the                      Can you put the right number of                    Can you can the number

      right number of cakes?                     buttons on the gingerbread man?                         of sea creatures?


  Place Value Basketball   


       Count the tens and ones to 

              find the number

 Ten Frame Counting                  Bar Modelling                       Splat! Square   


       Use the  ten frame to                             Explore numbers to 10                         Explore the 100 square.

         make the numbers                                                                                           Try making number patterns


   Helicopter Rescue                                Blast Off!                                 Chopper Squad  


 Find the given number or the                                Find the number or the                                       Find 1 more or less or

       number in between                                             number in between                                            Find 10 more or less

  Ordering Caterpillar             Chinese Dragon Ordering  


   Can you put the numbers in                         Can you put the numbers in

         order? (SET LEVEL)                                         order? (SET LEVEL)

The Counting by Fives Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden

The Counting by Twos Song - up to 20

The Counting by Tens Song

The Counting Down from 100 Song

Count Backwards by 2's from 100 | Learn to Count | Jack Hartmann