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Early Childhood Services Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire Children’s Centre Service - Giving Children the Best Start in life

The Children’s Centre Service is delivered by Early Childhood Services within Nottinghamshire County Council.

This service provides support and information for parents-to-be and parents/carers with children under 5 years of age, living in Nottinghamshire. 


For more information on the Children’s Centre Service and how to request support viist

On the website, you’ll find information about the services provided, contact information, referral processes and an online referral form (professional use only).

Alternatively, you can call 0300 500 80 80, or email the relevant district Children’s Centre Service team at:

You can also call our main Children’s Centre sites which are currently open Monday to Friday:

Main Children’s Centre sites



0115 9773740

Summer House

0115 9773741


0115 9773742


0115 9773743


0115 9773744


0115 9773745

Summit centre

0115 9773746

Ollerton and Boughton

0115 9773747

Butlers Hill

0115 9773748


0115 9773749


0115 9773751


0115 9773752

Hallcroft Children's Centre

0115 9773754

Manton Children's Centre

0115 9773758

West Bassetlaw Children's Centre

0115 9773759

Ladybrook Children's Centre

0115 9773763

Mansfield Woodhouse

0115 9773765


During the Covid 19 pandemic only the main sites listed above are open (Monday to Friday) and most staff members will be working from home.  Group work programmes and group sessions are currently suspended; however, referrals are still accepted (please use the online form on our webpages from the start of June).  Staff continue to provide family support and are in regular contact with parents and carers over the phone and through online video calls. Workers are continuing to carry out home visits where it is safe to do so.