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Building Funds



The Governing Body is responsible for 10% of all repair and building costs. The DFE currently provides all Aided Schools and Academies with a grant to enable Governing Bodies to properly maintain and develop the school grounds and building. This money has in recent years been spent on the following projects:


  • New Carpets
  • IT laptop and iPad provision
  • Electrical works


For a school the size of St. Joseph’s this annual grant is approximately £8,000. To enable the Governing Body to access this money, we have to raise £800 through the School Building Fund.


All parents are asked to contribute £20.00 per child per annum or £30.00 per family per annum to the building fund. The voluntary contribution can be made at the beginning of the school year or broken down to weekly/termly payments or by Direct Debit.


Fortunately, the Governing Body have always carefully managed the School Building since it was built in 1971. This has been achieved over the last 40+ years with support from St. Joseph’s Parish, the School Association and Parents Contributions.  The School Building Fund is essential to safeguard the future of St. Joseph’s School.