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Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation



  • Spell by segmenting into phonemes
  • Learn to spell common ‘exception’ words
  • Spell using common suffixes, etc.
  • Use appropriate size letters & spaces
  • Develop positive attitude & stamina for writing
  • Begin to plan ideas for writing
  • Record ideas sentence-by-sentence
  • Make simple additions & changes after proof-reading



  • Use . ! ? , and ’
  • Use simple conjunctions
  • Begin to expand noun


  • Use some features of

standard English


Speaking & Listening

  • Articulate & Justify answers
  • Initiate & respond to comments
  • Use spoken language to develop




  • Develop phonics until decoding secure
  • Read common suffixes
  • Read & re-read phonic-appropriate books
  • Read common ‘exception’ words
  • Discuss & express views about fiction, non-fiction & poetry
  • Become familiar with & retell stories
  • Ask & answer questions; make predictions
  • Begin to make inferences


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