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FOOD and HEALTHY EATING Theme Activities

Try to choose at least one activity a day



  • Visit PURPLE MASH for 2Do’s based on food and healthy eating


  • Find out about the different food groups and how to eat a balanced diet


  • Design a healthy eating poster


  • Plan a healthy eating menu


  • Write a shopping list of foods you need before visiting the supermarket


  • Try out some simple recipes or help cook the family meal


  • Keep a food diary for a week, recording what you eat for breakfast, lunch, tea, supper and snacks.  Are you eating a healthy balanced diet?  How can you make it healthier?




  • Find out about Fairtrade foods


  • Create some potato print art work


  • Do a Mystery Taste Challenge – Put on a blindfold and ask someone to pass you some different foods to taste. Can you guess what they are?



  • Carry out an Invisible Ink Experiment - Write a secret message using food! (see video below)


  • Investigate solids, liquids and gases and observe changing states using water and other foods (melt chocolate and butter in a recipe,  freeze juice to make homemade ice lollies etc.)


  • Observe a bean growing (see picture below).  Measure your bean. Make a bean diary (draw a picture and write a caption each week to record how it changes).




  • Take ten food items and put them in alphabetical order


  • Create a supermarket role-play area.  You could use real packets and tins of food.  Write price tags for each item and practise your money Maths skills to ‘sell’ your items to your family!


  • Visit TWINKL for lots of printables based on food and healthy eating


  • Make your own butter!  (scroll down for instructions)



How to Make Your Own Butter


You will need:

A jam jar with a tight seal

A tub of double cream (must be room temperature)


  • Pour the cream into the jar, leaving at least a third empty. 
  • Shake the jar until the fat completely solidifies and separates from the milk.  This should take about 6 minutes shaking once a second.  You could pass the jar around to different people so you don’t hurt your arms!


  • Drain the milk from the jar and spread your butter on some bread! Yum!




How to Make Invisible Ink