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School Association

St Josephs School Association works to provide many events across the school year with the support of our parents.  They also provide children and the school with many resources.  Most recently they have supplied every child with a water bottle and classes with water holders.  They held a successful school Christmas Fayre which was well attended and supported preparations for Christmas bringing the community together in festive style.  They have also provided children with drinks, sweets and chocolate to celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany.  A huge thanks to the work of the school association.  

Should you wish to support the school association in anyway please get in touch with staff at the school office.  We need your help!  

St Josephs School Association Meeting Dates

Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend and support the work of the school association.  The meetings are held in the school staffroom.  A text message will be sent out with the dates of the meetings. Please come along! 


There will also be mini meetings in between times for specific events such as the Summer Fayre.

St Joseph's School Association Booklet

Winners of the School Association Easter Hamper Draw