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Hi Class One!!!


Hi everyone!

As well as the usual online activities on our page why don't you try...


 Y1 Home Learning Book  - Download for ideas, activities and targets to work on

 PURPLE MASH  - Visit for new tasks and to blog with your friends.  Always remember to save your best work so that I can see it.  You can also share your work on a class blog or display board.
 Y1 Home Learning Page  - you will find everything you need here! I will add to this page regularly so remember to visit often.  Just click on the picture below!

 Y1 Easter Fun Page  - *NEW* Try out the updated online activities

 Y1 Story Page   - *NEW* Find stories to watch and/or read in the Literacy section



Love from Mrs Howley x

OUR BIG QUESTION IS:   What can we learn from stories?