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George Ezra reads Kitchen Disco | CBeebies Bedtime Stories

George Ezra invites you to a kitchen disco in this Bedtime Story, so move your hips, shake your pips and let's get all excited! Kitchen Disco is written by C...

Oxford Reading Owl...Click the link underneath

Luciana: Braving the Deep

Luciana: Braving the Deep, read by NASA astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor on the International Space Station.

Welcome to Nessy 

Nessy is an online programme that we often use in school for children that have difficulties in reading and spelling. It supports children to learn through it's online programmes. You can find the link here: At this time, Nessy have also released lots of free videos for parents on it's new YouTube channel. Look at the videos below to support your child with some of the Y2 spelling patterns. 

Nessy Reading Strategy | Sticky i | Learn to Read | Ci Si and Ti Sounds

Learn why TION, CIAN and SION makes the sound /shun/. The sticky i changes the sound of the following letters. ► Subscribe: ► Visit our...

Nessy Reading Strategy |Vowel R E | Learn to Read

A vowel, an R and Magic-E all join together to make a new sound. Understand Vowel R E with Nessy's fun reading strategy video. Learn to read with Nessy. ► Su...

Nessy Reading Strategy | Magic E | Learn to Read

Learn about the Magic E - Why is the letter 'e' silent at the end of words? e.g. hope The Magic E beams in to protect weaker vowels, giving them all its powe...