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Welcome to Year 3


Always be the best that you can be! smiley


Useful dates for you diary:

PE - Tuesday PM Class PE session.

Wednesday AM - Doncaster Rovers coaches

Homework - given out on a Wednesday and handed back in on Monday 

After school clubs - Tuesday - Michelle Multi-skills, Wednesday - Doncaster Rovers (12:30-1 and 3:30-4:30), Friday - Dance with Michala 


If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to see me before or after school.


Many thanks,

Mrs Swift.


School Closure.

During this time I will be adding various links that will help your child to continue their learning from home.  You should all have the extensive home learning pack and logins for PurpleMash and SumDog.  These are two excellent and creative sites to engage children in learning.  On the PurpleMash site there is opportunity for your child to hand in their work with a comment for me, hopefully this comment will tell me what they found easy and what was a challenge.  As with any piece of work I am always looking for application of skills including sentence structure, parts of a sentence and the use of conjunctions, fronted adverbials to start a sentence.


I hope that you find this useful during the coming weeks.

Hi all,

I would like to draw your attention to an online teaching site that covers all the year groups and shows progression in teaching as if we were in school.  There are video teaching broadcasts and lots of tasks for children to develop.  For the most part I would recommend accessing the year 3 learning.  However, some of you may want to delve further back into year 1 and year 2. I have googled 'oak national academy' and this has taken me straight to a format where I can access the year groups.  It looks fantastic.  So those of you that are able please have a go.  I would say start at week 1 and build up.



Mrs Swift.

Spellings for week beginning 06/07/20. There are 4 quizzes this week looking at the statutory words required for Y3 and Y4. The quizzes run from Tuesday to Friday. Good luck.

Fun Friday - moving pictures

Spellings for week beginning 29/06/20. There are 3 quizzes this week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The words are a recap of words learnt this half term. Let's see if you have been practising the tricky ones. Good luck.

Spellings to practice for the quiz on 26/06/20

Spellings for week beginning 08/06/20. Test on Purple Mash on Friday 12/06/20

Fun Friday 05/06/20

Spellings - this is a recap of spellings we have already learnt. Every day there will be a quiz on Purple Mash relating to the days on here. Have a go and see if you can remember the words.

Our next RE topic for home learning all about choices.

RE Learning

Spellings for week beginning 18th May 2020 - Spelling quiz on Friday via Purple Mash

Spellings for week beginning 11/05/20 - Spelling quiz will follow on Friday.

Fun Friday Senses Activity - works in line with 2dos set for Friday. Read this first, before completing the Fun Friday 2dos

Summer Term Week 2 Spellings. Well done everyone who had a go last week, let's see if we can get more of Y3 participating. Parents again the dictation sheet has the answers with it . Spend time learning the spellings and on Friday there will be another spelling quiz which is our spelling test.

Summer Term Week 1 Spellings. Complete the activities below and on Friday a spelling 2Do quiz will be given - this will count as your spelling test. Good luck! Parents the dictation has an answer sheet, don't let the children see it but read it out and your child should fill in the missing words. This can be repeated many times to improve spellings.

Maths Mastery free resources


This is a web address you could try using to find activities on maths which will be in line with what we are teaching in school.  I hope this is useful to you. School closures response from The Mastery Team Pri  Sec 4&utm_content=COVID-19 School closures response from The Mastery Team Pri  Sec 4+CID_5d40a9d9e1da5e21e3fbd00ed151ae25&utm_source=Email marketing software&utm_term=free resources page


In the above block I have added a link to guidance on maths and English that is set out in a way that is taught in school.  It will require you as the adult to share the learning with the children and show them how to complete the tasks, then there is a booklet that the children can work through,with increasing independence so they can show you their understanding, with opportunity for you to mark and consolidate any learning/understanding where necessary.

I hope you find this useful.  I have included weeks 1 - 4 so far and after the Easter holidays I will add on further links as they become available.


Thank you

Spelling patterns and example words leading to statutory words. Year 5/6 included so you can see progression.

Please find below a selection of sites where you access home learning activities.  Some you will already have if you were able to collect your home learning packs, however, they will be updating and adding new activities, tutorials and help.


If I could ask you to spend a lot of time on the basics as well e.g. spellings, times tables, reading and understanding of the books they have read.  That will be a great help in keeping your child on track for their return to school.  I understand this may not seem as exciting as interactive activities but it is important and when they do hand work in it would be good to see evidence of their understanding of how to spell words previously learnt throughout school and new words.


I am going to add to the class page  spelling lists from Year 1 up to year 3 so you are able to revisit.  If children can learn the spelling pattern and use consistently that would be a great help.


Thank you

Year 3/4 spelling list - How many words do you know?

We are learning all about the UK. If you have any pictures or facts about countries, rivers or mountains then please bring them in to show! Here is our local river - The River Idle

We are learning all about the UK. If you have any pictures or facts about countries, rivers or mountains then please bring them in to show! Here is our local river - The River Idle  1

Flash mob Friday!!

Picture 1

Spring Term 1 Spelling Booklet

Autumn Term 2 Spelling Booklet




We have had so many great pieces of homework in about our Roman topic, including detailed models and pictures! 

Finished your homework? Try the links below!