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 Adding Games   *NEW* scroll down to watch the Maths Facts Song 

       Alien Addition                 Ten Frame Addition                 Bar Modelling   

    Solve the additions to save                Use the ten frame to solve                            Use this to explore

    the universe!!! (SET LEVEL)                      the addition sums                                         number bonds

  Maths Racer Addition               Monster Addition                 Treasure Quest   


      Solve the sum and race the                   Solve the additions to  make               Can you find the total of the 

           car to the right spot                      the monsters appear (SET LEVEL)                       addition chart?

Taking Away Games

           Minus Mission                       Subtraction Grids  


        Solve the subtractions to                     How many subtractions can you

    save the universe! (SET LEVEL)             complete in 2 minutes? (SET LEVEL)

Adding and Taking Away Games

    Hit the Button                    Number Fact Families              Cross the Swamp 


  How many additions can you                      Can you find all the facts                         Can you help the monkey

         solve it a minute?                                 using the given numbers?                               cross the swamp?

Meet the Math Facts - Addition Song