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A Note for Parents

11th May 2020


Hi everyone,


I hope you have enjoyed our ‘Food and Healthy Eating’ home-learning topic over the past two weeks. Time to start a new one! Please remember that theme work is designed to run alongside regular Maths and Literacy work.


Go to the Y1 Home Learning Page and click on ‘Home Learning Themes’ then ‘WEATHER’ for an activity list ideas, links and printables for the new topic.  There will also be related activities set on Purple Mash where appropriate.  Try to choose at least one activity to carry out each school day. This includes Purple Mash assignments based on the theme.


This new theme will last until Sunday 24th May.  As before, you can share your learning experiences, including photos, on the Y1 blog on Purple Mash.  Just click on the ‘Sharing’ tab.


There will be a Y1 Home Learning pack available to pick up from school this week which will include some printables to go with the weather topic.  A text will go out when they are ready.


Remember, I am always here for help and advice if you need it. 

Thanks for all your continued hard work and please pass on my love to your child/ren.


Best wishes,

Mrs Howley


27th April 2020


Hi everyone,


I hope you had a nice break and now it’s back to work!  I have decided to set a topic theme each fortnight to carry out alongside Maths and Literacy. 


I have added a new section to the Y1 Home Learning Page called ‘Home Learning Themes’ and I will put activity ideas, links and printables in there for each topic.  There will also be related activities set on Purple Mash when appropriate.


Please use your imagination and adapt/extend these ideas however you wish.  A good place to start is to ask your child/ren what they would like to do around the theme.  They may come up with some even better ideas!


Our current theme is FOOD and HEALTHY EATING.  Which will last until Sunday 10th May.  You can share your learning experiences, including photos, on the Y1 Food Theme Blog on Purple Mash.  Just click on the ‘Sharing’ tab.


Please remember to visit the MATHS MASTERY page often for Maths and Literacy work.  It is important that your child continues to read and write as much as possible.  Please refer to the original Y1 Learning Pack I gave out for the Maths, Reading and Writing objectives they should be working on.  You can also view the same document on the Y1 Home Learning Page.


Thanks for all your hard work and please pass on my love to your child/ren.


Mrs Howley


 CLICK HERE to go to the Y1 Home Learning Themes page 


8th April 2020


A note for parents:


Hi everyone, 


I hope you and your families are are happy and well. I just wanted to check in and make sure you are aware of all the resources I have put in place to support your home learning.  The Y1 Home Learning page is evolving on a daily basis and is your one stop shop for all the best resources online.  Everything mentioned in this letter has a link there.


Please remember that assignments, which have a due date, are set on Purple Mash which I visit on a daily basis.  I know this is a difficult time but please make sure you are supporting this learning in some way so that it is productive and effective. There are also blogs for the children to be able to communicate with myself and their classmates (click on the 'Sharing' tab).  All Purple Mash activities have a tutorial on how to use  them (film icon in top right hand corner). 


The Maths and English Mastery teams have now brought out a special home learning hub for parents.  I thoroughly recommend this for teaching Maths and Literacy to your child/children.  It includes teaching guides, simple planning and resources.  


Phonics Play is free to all at the moment and is an fun way for your child to keep practising their phonemes/graphemes on a daily basis alongside other activities on the Y1 Phonics page.


Phonics Play Comics is also now available as an online reading platform.  The comics are based on Phonics Phases and are a good alternative to the home reader books you normally get from school.


I also recommend you have a browse of all the areas of the Y1 Home Learning Page if you haven't already.  There are literally hundreds of resources on here (note: most pictures on the Y1 webpage are links to other places).  Thanks for reading and happy teaching!


Best wishes,  Fleur Howley 

P.S. Please let your child/children know I am missing them enormously and pass on a 'Mrs Howley hug'  to them from me! Thanks