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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School,

a Voluntary Academy

Curriculum Policy Statement 


“We have an academically

challenging curriculum

with a wide range of

learning experiences”

At St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, a Voluntary Academy we believe that every child is unique and has the skills to be engaged, effective and successful life-long learners, with the potential to make outstanding contributions to society.

Curriculum INTENT 

It is our core purpose, therefore, to develop our children’s learning potential so that they become resilient, resourceful and reflective learners, who are confident to take risks based on reasoning skills, can think creatively and communicate through a reciprocal approach to learning. At the heart of our curriculum we promote Catholic Values which ensure our children are responsible, can explore beliefs and others’ values and show respect both in the local and global community.  The seven Rs are a part of our school culture and shape our curriculum aim.  They provide a clear and coherent rationale for our curriculum design.

They prepare our children for the next steps in their learning journey and link into both Secondary School and Graduate attributes.

The seven Rs are broken down into key concepts which form a part of our curriculum model and support school staff in their roles to cultivate these values in all children.  The thematic exploration of these concepts develops each child's capacity for learning and increases their practical ability, both across the curriculum and in everyday life situations.


We intend that the aims and principles of our curriculum will provide opportunity for greater knowledge to develop in all our children as they become learners who show:



As Resilient Learners, pupils will:

  • Stick at something with a positive attitude
  • Stay involved with their learning even when it is tricky or not their favourite subject
  • Set targets and practice


To support RESILIENT LEARNERS, we promote ASPIRATION AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT as our aims by ensuring all children have access to a wide range of learning opportunities, activities and educational experiences.  These will enable children to discover their God given gifts and challenge them to fully develop these gifts.



Persevere, Trying, Redoing, Direction, Care, Growth, Caring, Resilience, Hope, Sacrifice, Wellbeing, Commitment, Unity, Aspiration, Challenge



As Resourceful Learners, pupils will:

  • Show initiative
  • Learn using a range of different methods
  • Ask good questions
  • Use their imagination or think ‘out of the box’ to solve problems


To support each child’s RESOURCEFUL nature, we ensure children gain a KNOWLEDGE BASE which comes from a knowledge rich curriculum in each subject.  This enables all children to develop and understand skills which support them on their journey to becoming Secondary School Ready.



Explore, Have a go, Environment, Research, Change, Habitats, Environment, Materials, Projects, Adapt, Growth-Mindset, Charity, Helpfulness, Determination, Mindfulness


Reciprocal Learning

As Reciprocal Learners, pupils will:

  • Involve others, including the teacher, in learning
  • Be able to work collaboratively, as part of a team
  • Help others
  • Listen to and value different opinions


To support a RECIPROCAL approach to learning we encourage children to show COMMUNICATION AND TEAM WORK and promote turn taking, answering in full sentences and learning from each other.  We encourage children to share their learning through display, and through themed assemblies and further develop their learning at home.



Involvement, Links, Responding, Learning, Community, Create, Make, Past, Forgiveness, Rights, Growth, Mindset, Communicate


Reflective thought

As Reflective Learners, pupils will:

  • Be curious  - asking ‘why?’
  • Be able to describe their progress
  • Listen and Learn from feedback
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Transfer knowledge


To promote a REFLECTIVE approach to learning we encourage children’s ability to CRITICALLY THINK AND EVALUATE as we promote thought and questioning through teaching and learning.  Children are encouraged to offer ideas and thoughts and make decisions.



Concentration, Ideas, Reviewing, Qualities, Features, Compare, Difference, Time, Forgiveness, Self-esteem, Dignity, Communication, Freedom, Peace, Dignity, Trust, Difference, Humility, Learning from Mistakes



As Responsible Learners, pupils will:

  • Know right from wrong and use this knowledge to make good choices
  • Get on with a task without adult support
  • Plan ahead and take time to do something properly
  • Do their best


To develop children as RESPONSIBLE pupils we ensure opportunity is given to explore values and beliefs.  We ensure opportunities are planned to provide children experience of other faiths and beliefs with an emphasis on EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY.



Kind, Friend, Love, Support, Unique, Help, Responsibility, Love, Change, Places, Loving, Appreciate, Acceptance, Equality, Community, Stewardship, Vocation, Responsibility, Stewardship, Community, Equality, Stewardship, Society



As Reasoned Learners, pupils will:

  • Be able to explain their thinking
  • Consider all the evidence
  • Choose the best method or thinking tool


To motivate and develop children as curious reasoned learners, who take risks based on a reasoned approach, we promote LIFE-LONG LEARNING through a progressive approach to the curriculum design led and evaluated by our curriculum co-ordinators.



Play, Choosing, Exploration, Treasures, World, Design, Unique, Era, Life choices, Appreciation, Peace, Mental health, Problem solving, Fair Trade, Forgiveness, Transition Contentment, life Choices, Happiness



As Respectful Learners, pupils will:

  • Listen to and value the opinions, beliefs and ideas of others
  • Ensure that their words or actions do not harm others, either physically or emotionally
  • Display courtesy, consideration  and tact – even in challenging situations

To provide children with a strong moral compass we promote STEWARDSHIP of our world both locally and globally.  We encourage children to see the consequences of their actions.  We have groups in school which support others such as our Playground Buddies and Mini Vinnies who focus on showing respect through action.




Brave, Embracing Achievement, Familiarity, Morals, Right and wrong, Evolve, Nature, Evolve, Evolve, Respect, Self-expression, Loyalty, Trust, Justice, Self Esteem, Respect, Justice, Co-operation, Trust, Uniqueness





Our children follow a curriculum designed by our staff and the children. We ensure our expectations are challenging and engaging; leading to children reaching or exceeding age related expectations for their year group. 

Our rigorous mapping of children’s attainment and standards, following the National Curriculum, leads to strong support in learning; ensuring children make continued progress and achieve their best.

We ensure our curriculum is relevant and offers opportunity for children to make a positive difference in their communities.

Our pupils are engaged and motivated through learning that has relevance, meaning and purpose.

We follow the National Curriculum which sets out subjects and content which we must teach. Within this, however, there is flexibility so that we can interpret and plan to meet the needs and interests of our children now and for the future. The key aim for all our teaching and learning is to provide opportunities for all pupils to learn, to enjoy and to achieve their potential. 

Please see the ‘Curriculum Overview’ for each classes termly themes and subject overviews shaped around a ‘BIG QUESTION’ which children explore through ‘KEY CONCEPTS’ each term.

Please see the 'Curriculum Jigsaws' for each year group's learning outcomes and the year group expectations which allow for the curriculum coverage supporting all pupils to access the content of the curriculum and make progress through the curriculum.


We encourage and stimulate the best possible progress and the highest attainment for all our pupils. Our curriculum builds on pupils’ strengths, interests and experiences and develops children’s confidence in their capacity to learn and work independently and collaboratively.

We place great importance on the core skills of Literacy, Numeracy, RE and continually promote skills that help our learners to improve their own learning, whilst encouraging pupils every opportunity to work together.  Our Curriculum coordinators ensure the curriculum has sufficient depth and coverage of knowledge in the subjects and they provide a model of curriculum progression for every subject, please see ‘Curriculum Portfolios’ for each curriculum area.  Coordinators work alongside staff to map out the curriculum to ensure there is sufficient coverage across the subject over time.  The Co-ordinators review the curriculum to ensure it is successfully implemented showing pupil progression in knowledge.  Teachers ensure the pupils successfully ‘learn the curriculum’.  Curriculum resources are selected, including textbooks, which serve the school’s curricular intentions and the content of study and enable effective curriculum implementation.

We place a high priority on developing pupils’ physical skills, self-esteem and emotional well-being providing a rich environment for activity. We encourage children to recognise the importance of pursuing a healthy lifestyle and keeping themselves and others safe. We promote happy, effective relationships that are based on respect for themselves and for others.

We do this through teaching knowledge and understanding of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural heritages of Britain’s diverse society and of the local, national, and global dimensions of pupils’ lives. We want everyone in our school to understand and appreciate their own and different beliefs and cultures, and how these influence our communities.  We ensure children have a clear understanding of Relationships and have developed our Sex Education Programme through a Journey in Love.

We provide rich and varied contexts for pupils to acquire, develop and apply a broad range of knowledge, understanding and skills. Doing so enables our pupils to think creatively and critically, to solve problems and to make a difference for the better.

We promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and, in particular, the differences between right and wrong, and that we have rights but also responsibilities. We want everyone in our school to be responsible and caring citizens who make positive contributions to all communities.



Curriculum IMPACT

Our children grow up as successful learners, ready for Secondary Education and comment on the foundations of learning they receive at St Josephs, in a caring and supportive environment.

Leaders at all levels, including governors, regularly review and quality assure the curriculum subjects to ensure that it is implemented sufficiently well.  Meetings between all parties provide experience of the curriculum and highlight strengths and areas for continual development.  Leaders ensure that ongoing professional development/training is available for staff to ensure that curriculum requirements can be met as they evolve.

The school management team ensure that interventions are appropriately delivered to enhance pupils’ capacity to access the full curriculum. 

This joined up approach to curriculum impact leads to clear expectations which are reported to parents and assessments which ensure progression across each class and Key Stage.

“The School’s Mission Statement simply explains the ethos the school throughout the years, children are encouraged to the best they can be,” parent of the school.

“The school has a friendly, caring atmosphere where children are encouraged to think of and help their peers.  Children are nurtured and encouraged to do their best,” parent of the school.

“Staff are caring and bring out the best in the children.  Children are encouraged to be independent and talk about problems with their peers,” parent of the school.

 “A Welcoming school with friendly staff members.  A safe learning environment for children achieving the best they can,”  staff of the school.

“Well trained staff and support staff who are always willing to go the extra mile,”  staff of the school.





Foundation Stage, Extra Curricular Activities and Pupil Promises


A start to school

with Foundation at the heart

of the Learning Journey


Our school’s Foundation Stage caters for children from 3 – 5 years old.  Children start our Foundation Stage in the term after their 3rd birthday.  We offer morning sessions, afternoon sessions, and 30hrs provision.

Children work, play and learn in an environment which enables fantastic social interaction, creative play, structured learning sessions, and a range of environments.     

“The Foundation Stage is so important for your child’s beginning to their educational journey, the staff really nurture the children and help them grow in both learning and social interaction,” parent of the school.

“In Foundation the children learn through play.  They are encouraged to make plans and take control of their learning journey with guidance from staff.  Formal teaching is mixed in,” parent of the school.

“We couldn’t have chosen a better school for our daughter.  From her first day in Foundation she has been nourished and encouraged to always try her best.  We have seen her come on in leaps and bounds,” parent of the school.



Environment supportive

of learning both

indoors and outdoors


Our classrooms are productive learning environments where children gain a range of life skills and experiences.  We ensure children have opportunity to learn both in the classroom and out of the classroom, with support from adults.  Our outdoor classroom supports learning outside and we offer our children Forest Schools learning experiences, where children build dens, make fires and get to the know the outdoors through many team building activities. 


“The outdoor classroom allows the children to enjoy the outside and nature throughout the year and simply adds to the old and new spaces throughout the school,” parent of the school.


“The outdoor classroom is a fantastic space for children to work in.  There is plenty of green space for the children to let off steam,” parent of the school.


“A wonderful outdoor space and classroom for children to learn and flourish.  An outdoor learning club and survival club for children additional to the curriculum,” staff of the school.



Extra-curricular activities that

Provide children with a wealth of experiences

Tailored to their interests


We offer a wide range of after school clubs to support our children develop skills and abilities beyond the curriculum.  Children are invited to take part in dance, sport, music, singing, craft, art and design, creative activity, forest schools and many other themed sessions. 

We also offer a breakfast club to support children at the start of the school day from 8:00am.  The breakfast club provides children with a healthy, active and enjoyable start to the school day.


“My child really enjoyed her after school activities,” parent of the school.

“Breakfast club is excellent and really helps us out with both parents working full time,” parent of the school.

“Breakfast club supports us to achieve a better work life balance,” parent of the school.

“There are clubs and activities most evening after school … There is something for every child,” staff of the school.





Our pupils understand that God has given us special

gifts and we try to use them wisely.


Therefore they try to:


· Come to school on time

· Wear the school uniform and bring all the things I need    every day for school, especially my PE kit and wear our school uniform with pride.

· Be honest and polite

· Show kindness and consideration for others in school

· Take care of all school equipment and help keep our school free from litter

· Observe all school rules so that we can be happy and safe in school

· Think for myself and take responsibility for my actions

· Treat everyone with respect as Jesus taught us

· Listen carefully to my teacher and work hard

· Live our mission statement and ‘be the best that I can be’

· Use the internet both in school and at home safely and with respect to others

especially when playing games online.


We acknowledge our responsibility to support parents in their task of nurturing their children towards their full potential within a Christian community.


Therefore we will:

· Welcome your child into a secure, stimulating, Christian environment

· Value your child

· Treat him/her with dignity and respect

· Demonstrate our faith and our school foundation in the teaching of Jesus Christ,

by the way we work, live and worship in our school

· Provide the best possible education we can for your child through enthusiastic teaching rooted in our beliefs, values and skills

· Provide you with information and the opportunity to talk to teachers about your

child’s progress

· Keep you well informed about school policies and activities through regular letters and newsletters

· Set appropriate homework for your child

· Send home an annual report of your child’s progress

· Contact you if there is a problem with your child’s attendance or punctuality

· Inform you of any concerns regarding your child’s behaviour, work or health

· Ensure your child is kept safe and happy in school

· Respond to your child’s individual needs.

· Reward good work and sanction poor behaviour.


If you would like further information on the curriculum we teach, please contact the school directly!

An Inclusive Curriculum


At St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, a Voluntary Academy all class teachers are responsible for providing a curriculum that is suitable for all pupils in the class, including those with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) with support from the SENCo. We have high expectations for all pupils and are committed to ensuring our curriculum complies with the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014. Our inclusion statement emphasises the importance of providing an inclusive learning environment for all pupils including those with SEND. Additional information on this can be found in our Special Education Needs Information Report and Equalities Policy.

Names of Phonics / Reading Schemes in KS1

We now use Little Wandle for phonics and early reading with a wide range of books from Big Cat Education linked to our Little Wandle phonics provision.   We used to use Jolly Phonics and Letters and sounds for phonics, however the new scheme is DFE approved.

Our free choice reading books are sourced from a variety of publishers including Oxford Reading Tree scheme and Rigby Star scheme. 

Outdoor Learning Champions Notts County Council