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Welcome to Year 4!


Hello and welcome to Year 4's very own class page! We promise to provide you with lots of information about what we are getting up to in class over the next term.


During Term 3 and 4 we have been studying all about the Vikings. We have been extremely busy learning about different aspects of this period in time as well as make shields and longboats. Next term we are going to be learning how to 'look after the environment'.




Homework is always set on a Wednesday and due back the following Monday.


Spellings are set each Friday, please see the spelling booklet provided.


On Friday 6th January Mr Abbot from PARTAKE took us on a journey back to the Viking era. He showed us lots of artefacts such as armour and weapons. We also took part in plotting our own Viking settlement, spinning wool, grinding wheat to make flour and making our own piece of Viking jewellery. In the afternoon we all got to dress up and take part in a Viking drama in which we invaded a Saxon village. It was a great day full of angry Vikings ready to attack!!!

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Chinese New Year...Xin nian hao


Saturday 28th January 2017 marked the start of Chinese New Year. In order to celebrate we learned all about the Lantern Festival and the traditions that take place during this celebration. Miss Welsh then challenged us to eat noodles with chop sticks. It proved rather tricky!



The Chopstick Challenge

The Chopstick Challenge 1
The Chopstick Challenge 2
The Chopstick Challenge 3
The Chopstick Challenge 4
The Chopstick Challenge 5
The Chopstick Challenge 6
The Chopstick Challenge 7
The Chopstick Challenge 8
The Chopstick Challenge 9
The Chopstick Challenge 10
The Chopstick Challenge 11

Our Viking Longboats...


Miss Welsh sent us off to complete a homework task of making a Viking Longboat. We worked extremely heard on these with a little bit of help from our grown ups! We are very proud of the work we have produced! no

Our masterpieces!

Our masterpieces! 1
Our masterpieces! 2
Our masterpieces! 3

Viking DT...

Over the past couple of weeks we have been making Viking shields and Viking jewellery. We have been following our designs we have created in previous lessons. Pictures will follow when they are all finished.

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