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PE Sports Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding, our actions in school and the impact of our actions on PE and school sport.

PE and School Sport Funding 2017

PE and School Sport Funding 2016-2017




2015-2016   £9,250


What do we spend the money on?


Providing cover staff both teachers and coaches to release teachers for professional development in PE and sport each Wednesday in KS2 with a view to add this provision to KS1 £5,000

Paying staff or external sports coaches to run competitions, or to increase pupils’ participation in national school games competitions (see program of school games 2015-2016) through a contribution to the Elizabethan Family of schools £1000

Employ qualified teaching assistants to provide support in regular sports tournaments, festivals and competitions for pupils of all ages £500

Employing a local coach to provide weekly after-school sport on Tuesdays on the school site £1560

Forging links with PE teachers in local secondary schools to help primary staff improve their PE and sports provision, including the training of young leaders.

Paying for pool hire and instruction to provide swimming lessons for all pupils £3500

Providing extra, additional activities at Crich residential including outdoor and adventurous activities £1,300 (2016)

Employing Dance coach to deliver Dance classes to all year groups and provide after school sports club on Fridays £2145

Providing cover 6 times a year for the sports coordinator to attend family meetings and training to lead PE provision £600

Providing a Health and Nutrition workshops for Lower Key Stage 2 children to support the curriculum delivery of Healthy lifestyles £1000



The impact of the sports funding is as follows for 2015-2016


  • During the academic Year 2015-2016 the school achieved the Silver Active Mark for PE and school sport.

  • During the academic Year 2015-2016 the school achieved the Healthy Schools Mark reaccreditation and now recognised as a healthy school.

  • 66% of the parents believe the child enjoys physical activity within school

    39% of parents send their child to an after school sports club at school

    48% of parents send their child to an after school sports club out of school

    93% of parents state their child is physically active for at least an hour a day.

    73% of parents would contribute financially to the cost of after school sports provision. 


    We have also found that parents would like more KS1 sports clubs and so we have recently launched a new KS1 sports activity for the 2nd half of the Autumn term after school for 2016.

       Each year we carry out baseline testing of children across a range of sports in KS2.  When comparing our 2015 and 

       2016 data we have found improvement in the skill, timing and agility of children with 60% of Year 3 children, 40% 

       of Year 4 children, 58% of Year 5 children and 53% of Year 6 children making progress on previous years scores. This

       is an average progress measure of 53% across KS2.  We aim to carry out baseline testing with KS1 in the coming year.      

Impact of PE sport funding

The proportion of Reception children at St Joseph's over the past three years (2013-2016) who were overweight or obese (16.9%) is statistically similar compared to other schools across England (22%)