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School Improvement Plan

The School Improvement Priorities identified for 2016/2017 are;

Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

  • To develop processes and procedures to secure both good and outstanding teaching and learning through a drive towards developmental marking and opportunity for greater evaluation of teaching strategies.
  • To further develop processes and procedures to measure the impact of PE sport funding and SEN funding; monitor progress of groups of pupils to ensure non falls behind the national comparable standards and underachieves.

Quality of Teaching, learning and assessment 

  • To embed learning and provide pupils with scope to improve levels of deeper learning, through lessons that stand out.
  • To improve teaching, learning and attainment in Maths and Reading across the school to exceed national figures of 53% combined with Writing (Maths 70%, Reading 66%), with a focus on using and applying and challenge for higher ability children in Maths and further development of comprehension activities in Reading to secure deeper levels of development and understanding of text.

Personal development, behaviour and Welfare

  • To develop further opportunities to promote child led learning and self-assured learners that have a problem solving approach to challenges, relationships and behaviours. 
  • To develop learning outside the classroom environment to promote knowledge and thirst for learning especially in Numeracy and Reading comprehension lessons. 

Outcomes for Pupils

  • To ensure the children’s books show a journey of learning with both developmental next step marking and pupil response informing the learning journey. 
  • To ensure vulnerable groups of learners make expected progress comparable to national expectations using class based intervention files to monitor progress.