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HEAD TEACHER                       - Mr Richard Hilton


DEPUTY HEAD                         - Mrs Ellen Archer


FOUNDATION STAGE            - Mrs Kathryn Eadie SEND co-ordinator

                                                - Miss Sophie Wilkinson

                                                - Mrs Karen Footitt 

                                                - Mrs Claire Jones         


CLASS 1                                   - Mrs Fleur Howley Lit co-ordinator

CLASS 2                                  - Mrs Chloe Lewis

CLASS 3                                  - Miss Hannah Roffey

CLASS 4                                  - Miss Ailsa Mangham

CLASS 5                                  - Mrs Ellen Archer RE co-ordinator

                                                  Mrs Judith Robinson Senior Management

CLASS 6                                  - Mrs Ruth Donoghue

Part/Time supply                     - Mrs Susie Reynolds & Mrs Stella Green                


TEACHING ASSISTANTS      - Mrs Rosemary Gilbert

                                                - Mrs Rachel Harrison  

                                                - Mr Jim McCay

                                                - Mrs Anne-Marie Cafferata

                                                - Mrs Bev Henry

                                                - Mrs Jackie Moore

                                                - Mrs Jennifer Lambert

                                                - Miss Louise Finlay

                                                - Mrs Linda Hayden


CARERS                                   - Mrs Dawn Redfearne

                                                - Mrs Annette Goodwin (lunchtime)

                                                - Mrs Sonia Proctor (FS)

                                                - Mrs Natalie Heywood (FS)


OFFICE MANAGER                  - Mrs Lisa Shepherd

CLERICAL ASSISTANT           - Miss Annette Goodwin


SITE MANAGER                       - Mr Philip Rhodes


SCHOOL COOK                         - Mrs Jayne Recchia

KITCHEN ASSISTANTS          - Mrs Julie Payne 


WELFARE STAFF                     - Mrs Sonia Proctor, Mrs Claire Newstead, Mrs Helen White

                                                    Mrs Natalie Heywood, Mrs Elaine Prince, Mrs Jennifer Lambert


CLERK TO GOVERNORS           - Mrs Sally Andrews (Governor Services Nottinghamshire County Council, Tel: 01623 433357)

SUB COMMITTEE CLERK /      - Mrs Sally Andrews (St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, a Voluntary Academy)




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