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Your Task: 

After learning about what Human and Physical Geography means, you need pick six different countries from around the world. Research each of these countries and find three human geography features and three physical geography features of this country. E.g. Great Britain

Human Geography: Angel of The North, Tower Of London, Falkirk Wheel 

Physical Geography: Ben Nevis, The Giant's Causeway, Scafell Pike


Click here to learn about Human and Physical Geography. You will need to watch this first to help you with the task.

Your Task:

Watch the PowerPoint on Scotland and answer the questions based on it. Remember to answer the questing using full sentences. 

Term 5: Improving The Environment: (Week 4)


This week's work will require some research, this can be using the internet, books or BOTH!



Step 1: Research the different environments around the world some examples include (Rainforests, Polar Ice Caps, Deserts).

Q1: What is different about these environments?

Q2: What is similar about these environments? 

Q3: What are the threats to their environment?


Step 2: Select the environment that interests you the most.


Step 3: Present your findings however you wish, this could be PowerPoint, Poster, Leaflet or if you can think of a different way then feel free to go with that! 

Remember to include lots of information and pictures about the environment you have chosen. Where abouts in the world is it? What lives there? Why is this environment under threat? What can we do as humans to protect this environment? 


Have fun!

Your Task: 

Watch the PowerPoint, it has links in it to follow. Once you have watched this, use the two activity sheets and complete. 


Viking Research


Click here for loads of information about Viking life.


Use this information as well as other information you have gathered to create a Viking leaflet on Purple Mash.