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Sound: Lesson 2

Watch the BBC clip or google - How sounds are made BBC Bitesize

Have a go at the little quiz below the video.


Challenge: Make Your Own String Telephone

 1. Make a small hole in the bottom of two paper cups or yoghurt pots.

2. Thread one end of a long piece of string through the hole in one cup and tie a knot in the end (with the knot inside the cup).

3. Thread the other end through the hole in the second cup and tie a knot in the end of the string.

 4. Give someone in your family a cup and hold the other cup securely.

 5. Walk away from each other until the string is quite taut.

 6. Speak (don’t shout) into your cup while the other person holds his/her cup to their ear and listens. Finish your message with the word ‘Over!’

 7. Swap over so that you now hold your cup to your ear, while the other person  speaks into their cup, finishing with the word ‘Over!’

 8. Work through the following questions.

Try repeating your conversation at the same distance apart without the telephone.

 Is it easier to hear with or without the string telephone?

Can you make your telephone work around a corner?

 What happens if you tie a knot in the middle of your piece of string?

Why do you think this is?

 Jot down the difference in the sound when the string is tight compared to when it is loose.

 Undo one knot, cut the string in half, then  reattach the second cup. What difference does the shorter string make to the sound?

Draw a labelled diagram of your string telephone and write a short explanation about how it works.


Research: How does sound travel?

Find out as much as you can and write a fact sheet.

I have put three books on Epic Books for you to read and to help you with this work.

How Sound Moves, How Does Sound Change, What are Sound Waves.

Sound: Lesson 1


Our new topic is all about sound.

Go for a walk around your house and garden and jot down all the things you can hear.

Think about the different areas – are the sounds you hear quiet, loud or silent?

How are the sounds made – are they mechanical, natural, repeating, one – off?

Do some research and find out what ‘Noise Pollution’ is.


Your Task

The rock stars of the world need your help!

They want their children to be able to go to their concert but they are worried about their ears and their precious hearing. The concerts are very loud, too loud for young ears! Learn all you can about sound and hearing then design some ear defenders for the young rockers.


I have put two books for you to read on Epic Books:

What is Hearing

Your Sensational Sense of Hearing

Science Activities


Click here for lots of Science topics to explore and experiments to try!