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Staying Safe online

Online Safety Alert

Playing games online, such as Minecraft, can be fun and positive but we all need to ensure that children understand that people may hide behind fake profiles for dishonest reasons and need to learn how to block and report anything offensive. Tips on staying safe online from include;

Have an open discussion with children/young people about who they are talking to online. Explain the risks they may face, parents may need to consider using parental controls to limit who they can play with online. Most consoles offer parental controls, but also check any social media platforms they may be using while gaming.

Children and young people should be reminded that they should never give out personal information when chatting to someone they don’t know online, and make sure they understand what personal information is.

Be clear with children and young people that they should never meet someone face to face without parent’s consent, or parents being present. Children/young people need to be shown how to block and report anything offensive and encourage them to talk to someone if someone or something online is making them feel uncomfortable.